We are happy about your support


There are several options how you can get involved in this medical work for the Santal children around Bolpur.

  • You are invited to join us as a medical doctor or nurse in the hospital
  • You are invited to collaborate to provide operations and intensive treatments 
  • You are invited to join us as coordinator to implement all the projects
  • You may include us in your network, e.g. to access useful training materials
  • You may make a one time donation to run the hospital and village work
  • You are invited to become a bed sponsor: With 2,000.00 INR a sick child can be looked after for a whole treatment (chose to donate once - quarterly - or monthly)

Bed sponsorship

To treat a sick child, 400 INR are required daily. This money includes medical checkup, diagnostic, available medicines and food. Malnourished children receive 5 nutritious meals per day to recover and catch up weight.


2,000.00 INR is the whole treatment of a sick child. You might chose to donate once or monthly via a standing order at your bank.

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Account details

Account holder: Shining Eyes India

Registration Number: 01339/2013

State Bank of India, Bolpur, Birbhum Dstrict, West Bengal 



"Shining Eyes" after the nutrition programme