Shining Eyes wins UN award


Within the framework of the UN "Decade of Education for Sustainable Development", Nico and Silvia Golembiewski were distinguished for their project "Shining Eyes - Perspektive für indische Kinder" (Shining Eyes - Perspective for Indian Children). The project is an official decade project 2010/2011.

"Shining Eyes - Perspektive für indische Kinder" is a nutrition program for malnourished pre-school-age children in India's West Bengal and a help for self-help program for their mothers. In addition to this, local evening schools are equipped with solar systems.

Together with local cooperation partners, malnourished children are provided with nutritiuous food. In parallel, workshops are organized in which their mothers are informed about nutrition, hygiene and disease prevention. In cooking lessons they learn how to prepare healthy meals with inexpensive ingredients. On top, they receive seeds for fruits and vegetables that they cultivate after having received proper instructions. Long-term, they are supposed to create a sound economic basis for themselves that way. The entire program has already been transferred to other villages and is supposed to be further expanded in the future.


The program's objective is to achieve social balance and give the Santal children a perspective for their lives. We want them to grow up as well-educated, self-confident human beings who can assume responsibility for themselves and their environment. 


Malnourished children taking nutritious porrdige