Good to see that you are interested in our work. On the following pages we would like to tell you about our projects in India.


You will certainly realize very quickly that we are mostly concerned about safeguarding medical care for the poor children in the tribal villages of West Bengal. For this reason we are currently in the process of establishing a children's hospital in which children can be looked after and cared for.

By building public washhouses and lavatories and with the help of regular workshops we will succeed in improving the hygienic conditions in the villages in the long run. This will also help to prevent many health-related problems up front.

We intend to support the people in India in their endeavor at independence also with the help of sustainable projects such as the building of solar installations, the organization of food programs and a small bakery.

Please look for yourselves and page through the different reports we have compiled for you.

Your Shining Eyes Team

Dr. Monika Golembiewski

Silvia Golembiewski

Nico Golembiewski

Project news

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Please have a look to find out about project details and works being done currently...

Nutrition programmes in 15 villages

February 2015


This time we could start new nutrtion programmes in 15 villages. We collect all pregnant women, leactating women and children upto 3 years. Three times a week they get a nutritious meal which is locally cooked.

Supplement food for our TB-patients

February 2015


Our nurse Sr. Lissy distributes eggs and vegetable for our TB patients in the DOTS programme, so they can recover quickly. Jayanta gives awareness to continue the treatment so the patients can recover fully.

Two pregnant women delivered

November 2014


Our two pregnant women who were left without anybody have both delieverd their children healthy. Gusum had need blood transfusion in advance dute to low hemoglobin. We are happy to see the children healthy.

TB patient Mina regains strength

November 2014


After taking the TB medicines Mina recovers and is full of energy again. In the meantime her house has broken down and we could help to rebuilt it. Her youngest daughter Rupa lives in the hospital very happily.

New tube well in three villages

September 2014


In three Santal villages we could provide a new tube well, where water was lacking.

The climate is getting warmer and warmer and water more and more scarce. Improved hygiene conditions are much helpful to stabilize the health of the families.

Severe anemia

September 2014


We found this young men with severe anemia and breathing difficulty and hemoglobin was down to 1.5g%. We transferred him for blood transfusion. Also women and children are often found with anemia in the villages and we try through the nutrition prgrammes to enrich the diet.

Preterm child to catch up weight

September 2014


We got a preterm child in our care and kept it warm and tried to feed it little by little. We are glad it gained weight and is a becoming a healthy child now. The mother is also very happy...

Kitchen gardens for better nutrition

July 2014


Again we have supported the families in the villages to start a kitchen garden with vegetables, so they can enrich the daily diet at home and eat spinach, tomato and carrots additionally to rice, dhal and potato.

X-ray machine installed

March 2014


Last week our X-ray machine has been installed and we can do needed examinations, especially for TB suspects, immediately at our hospital. This will facilitate the diagnostic process and we can protect the children from TB families more easily.

Our TB patients regains strength

February 2014


Very weakly we found this mother in the village with severe TB and no food. We have taken her in our hospital and can provide medicines and 5 nutritious meals every day. Now she can sit again and laugh - also her 3 small children get preventive medicines.

Nutrition training for mothers

February 2014


Kallol and Anindita train the mothers of the malnourished children every week at the hospital: At what age children need supplement food? What is a healthy meal? And how to provide it at low cost? Mothers eat a nutritious meal and are invited to start a vegetable garden at home.

New nutrition programme started

November 2013


After Durga Puja celebrations Patharkata villagers started their nutrition programme in the village. Three days a week children below 3 years and pregnant ladies receive a highly nutritious supplement meal with wheat, nuts and milk. Mothers learn to enrich thier daily diet and plant vegetable kitchen gardens.

Nutrition day in the hospital

August 2013


We have implemented a nutrition day in our children hospital. We invite all malnourished children and pregnant women from one village for medical checkup and laboratory tests. Afterwards we teach about valuable food at low cost and mothers prepare nutritious meals on their own.

New kitchen gardens in the villages

July 2013


Anne and Rolf Bucher from Germany emphasize so many villagers to start an own kitchen garden to improve their home diet.

X-ray facility going to be ready

July 2013


Especially the children from TB affected families can be checked if they need a preventive or curative treatment. Our diagnostic centre also offers sputum tests and we have applied for DMC.

Lost TB patient found again

April 2013


We found again our very sick TB patient Ahsrupi. We were struggeling so much for her treatment in the last month after acute worsening of her health condition with water in the belly and breathing difficulties.

Six weeks later our coordinator Pankaj found her and brought her to the hospital. She has taken her medicines continously and we could see her in a lighten condition that we could not believe it.


It's like a miracle due to God's help!